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Episode 1 – Social Media & Smartphone Usage

Blake and I talk about smartphone addiction, how social media and the internet affect us, and what you can do about it to get over it and fight back. We also rant a lot. You’re in for a treat!

Episode 2 – Being More Productive

Blake and I talk about productivity, being productive in our own lives, as well as tools and methods we’ve used to keep us on the right track of making things happen. Similar to the first episode, we’re going to rant a bit as well. Enjoy.

Episode 3 – Careers, Jobs, and Finding Your Passion

Blake and I get into some hot button issues regarding getting a job and having a full blown career. We’ll tell you about our own experiences (mostly terrible) with each, and explain the difference between the two. You’ll also get a pretty blunt talking to about why you need to go out and find what you’re truly passionate about. We’re also going to explain how to do it. You’re welcome.

Episode 4 – Health, Exercise, and Nutrition

Blake and I are on a mission to tell you all of the reasons why you need to step up your health game. We get into the benefits of consistent exercise, what kinds of routines might be right for you, how food plays into the bigger picture of your well being, and some general wellness tips as well. You will come out of this podcast a better person and gain some motivation to better your life!