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Authenticity Over Everything (Duh)

One of my favorite human beings on the planet earth says it best: You need to be self-aware. Find out what you’re good at and triple down on your strengths. – Gary Veynurchuck Key word there? Self-awareness. The hard truth that your ego won’t let you admit, is that you’re not destined to be great…

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Life Is Awesome, Step Your Gratitude Game Up

Do you have a beating heart? How about both arms and legs? Breathing on your own? A job? Friends? Thinking about your life this way, from the perspective of the things and opportunities you DO HAVE instead of what you are without and being appreciative for it is called gratitude. If you counted up the…

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Top 10 Self Improvement Books To Make 2017 Your Year

New Years Resolutions. They’re like…well you know. Everybody’s got one. They are the shining hope of a new year and offer the promise of completely transforming you and your life into the best versions possible. But unfortunately, there is a dark side to these seemingly wonderful beginning of the year life commitments. 90% of you…

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Feeling overwhelmed and how to prevent it - the blogging millennial

The Unexpected Reason Why You’re So Overwhelmed

There is a reason why this article title caught your eye. You, like many other Americans, are stressed and overwhelmed. Plain and simple. According to life has decided  to: overcome [you] completely in mind or feeling. Between work, exercising, your children, spouse, friends, errands, and a seemingly endless list of other responsibilities, you have…

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how to relieve stress - the blogging millennial

5 Simple Life Hacks For Being Less Stressed

You’re clearly stressed out. Let me guess… Your boss is the absolute worst? You’ve been putting in 45+ hours at the office for months without any progress? You’re barely making it to work on time each day? Those extra “few” winter pounds are turning into full on hibernation prep? There just doesn’t seem to be…

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