Worst Jobs

The Worst Jobs Ever: A Cautionary Personal History

Ah, money. Sweet, sweet money. It goes by many names: cash, specie, lucre (filthy or otherwise), greenbacks, dead presidents –  but what will always be consistent about it is the fact that it’s something we all need. Unfortunately, unless you’re lucky enough to find a career you’re passionate about, earning a paycheck isn’t always pleasant. Or,…

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Working Overtime Negative Effects - The Blogging Millennial

Working Overtime: Is It Worth It?

The problem of working long hours is one of the most discussed issues today within the professional world. Why you might ask? It’s linked to heart disease and stroke. Specialists claim that young people trying to get into the companies of their dreams are more likely agreeing to work all of the overtime hours possible…

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Millennial Job Hopping - The Blogging Millennial

Why Millennials In The Workplace Keep Quitting

Why do Millennials keep leaving their jobs so often? It’s the question on everyone’s mind, and you probably feel like you have a pretty good idea why. However, don’t be so sure that you have the right answer figured out just yet. While it is true that on average Millennials have more jobs in their…

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College Is Really Hard

School is hard. Especially when you’re on summer break (like I currently am). The question mark is because this was supposed to be my fourth blogging101 post, and it’s day 5…. Most of my time lately has been spent rejecting any and all responsibilities and pretending they don’t exist. I’ve also been enjoying the sun via the…

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