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What Is A Millennial? I’ll Tell You.

So Exactly What Is A Millennial Anyway? Millennials are the generation born roughly between 1980 and 2000 and followed generation X. Two men, Neil Howe and William Strauss, are regarded as the men who invented the term. They wrote a book together in 1991 titled “Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069” where…

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how to relieve stress - the blogging millennial

5 Simple Life Hacks For Being Less Stressed

You’re clearly stressed out. Let me guess… Your boss is the absolute worst? You’ve been putting in 45+ hours at the office for months without any progress? You’re barely making it to work on time each day? Those extra “few” winter pounds are turning into full on hibernation prep? There just doesn’t seem to be…

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Worst Jobs

The Worst Jobs Ever: A Cautionary Personal History

Ah, money. Sweet, sweet money. It goes by many names: cash, specie, lucre (filthy or otherwise), greenbacks, dead presidents –  but what will always be consistent about it is the fact that it’s something we all need. Unfortunately, unless you’re lucky enough to find a career you’re passionate about, earning a paycheck isn’t always pleasant. Or,…

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Working Overtime Negative Effects - The Blogging Millennial

Working Overtime: Is It Worth It?

The problem of working long hours is one of the most discussed issues today within the professional world. Why you might ask? It’s linked to heart disease and stroke. Specialists claim that young people trying to get into the companies of their dreams are more likely agreeing to work all of the overtime hours possible…

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Avoiding Burnout As Millennial - The Blogging Millennial

5 Proven Techniques For Avoiding Job Burnout

It’s Tuesday, you made the crucial mistake of going to bed at 11:47pm, the coffee machine is broken, your boss won’t let you tweet at work, and you’ve got 192 invoices to send out to clients. After finally making it home after falling asleep exactly 9.3 times throughout the workday, you decide that you’re going…

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