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What Is A Millennial? I’ll Tell You.

So Exactly What Is A Millennial Anyway? Millennials are the generation born roughly between 1980 and 2000 and followed generation X. Two men, Neil Howe and William Strauss, are regarded as the men who invented the term. They wrote a book together in 1991 titled “Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069” where…

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Going To The Bar Alone - The Blogging Millennial

How To Go To A Bar Alone

I Found Out That It’s Okay To Go Alone I am an extrovert. Being with other humans is my favorite thing to do. It gives me energy, makes me happy, and calms my every working mind via the distraction method. But today, I am doing things a little different. Ive decided to (for just the…

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Cool Runnings

Running is…. Painful. But it’s also amazing, healthy, inspiring, and just downright fun when you set your mind to it. Traditionally speaking I have never been a runner. I am not a tall man, with a naturally lean build, and long lower appendages. So running was never my forte’ or something that I particularly enjoyed.…

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College Is Really Hard

School is hard. Especially when you’re on summer break (like I currently am). The question mark is because this was supposed to be my fourth blogging101 post, and it’s day 5…. Most of my time lately has been spent rejecting any and all responsibilities and pretending they don’t exist. I’ve also been enjoying the sun via the…

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My Musical Mondays

  Hello everyone! Happy Monday! (I know, I can barely read that without chuckling a little to myself either) But in all honesty, I do think today should be a happy one. I’ve slowly but surely been trying to redefine Monday’s in my own life. My goal is to take away the angst, the lethargy,…

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Just One of Those Days

It’s been a very odd week for me. Usually i’m up early, bouncing off the walls, and ready for anything and everything the world has to throw at me. I’ve got a million and a half things going on at all times and that’s how I like it. But for the past four days or…

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