Pokemon Go - What It Is, How It Became Popular - The Blogging Millennial

How Pokemon GO Has Changed Us All

Three weeks ago having a Pokemon poster in your cubicle was unpopular. As fellow employees walked by it sparked an educational conversation that only I enjoyed. Now, I have people asking for advice on the new Nintendo and Niantic version of catching ‘em all. Pokemon GO has become a worldwide topic of conversation/discussion over night,…

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Social Media and Smartphone Effects - The Blogging Millennial

Why Social Media And Smartphone Usage Is Horrible For Humans

I can’t lie, “sliding into someone’s DMs” is incredibly validating. Same goes for taking the perfect selfie. As for snapchat? Forget about it. My stories rival Moby Dick. We all love social media and our smartphones right? They provide a portal into the lives of friends, family, and acquaintances that we’ve built our networks with. These…

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An Adulting Millennial - The Blogging Millennial

The Ultimate Guide To Adulting Like A Boss

I get it. You’re in your last year of university, and finals are just around the corner. Right about now, I’m guessing that you’re curled up in the fetal position by the side of one of your local library’s 24-hour study desks. There is probably drool dried to the side of your face, your hair…

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